Help Gloria get to Harvard’s Graduate School

The haters will tell you that Mexicans cannot amount to anything – the truth is that our young people are just as capable as anyone else.

In the video above, you will meet Gloria Montiel, a graduate of Santa Ana High School. She was accepted into Harvard – and she finished an undergraduate degree. Now she wants to go to Harvard’s graduate university, to get a Master’s degree in education, but the cost is $50,000. Because Gloria is undocumented, she cannot avail herself of the student loans that the rest of us take for granted.

But Gloria isn’t giving up! Her friends are helping her raise $39,000 so she can finish school and get her Master’s degree. You can help out by clicking here and printing out the event flier, and going to La Casa Garcia tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5, anytime from 10 am to 10 pm, to enjoy a $10 plate of Turkey Mole, with the works, including rice, beans and tortillas. La Casa Garcia is located at 531 W. Chapman Ave., in Anaheim.

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