Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate Says Prop 14 is a “Power Grab” by Big Business Interests

Prop 14 is an attempt by big business interests to consolidate their stranglehold over elections under the guise of “reform.”


For Immediate Release
May 17, 2010

ANAHEIM, Calif — Duane Roberts, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, says Prop 14 is a “power grab” by big business interests that will disenfranchise millions of Californians by limiting their choices at the polls. Roberts urges voters to reject this “unprecedented attack on democratic rights”:

“Prop 14 is power grab by a handful of California’s biggest business interests who seek to weaken the influence that millions of trade unionists, seniors, homeowners, environmentalists, and small businesspeople have in the candidate selection process under the closed primary system.

“They’re frustrated that Democratic and Republican Party politicians don’t always march in complete lockstep with key aspects of their agenda and believe this is because they are too beholden to the working and middle class constituencies that play a role in helping them win party primaries.

“The reason why big business interests are pushing for the open primary scheme is because it will dilute the strength these constituencies wield under the current system and give them much greater power in using their wealth to pick and choose the kinds of candidates they want elected.

“If Prop 14 passes, it will become more expensive for candidates to run for public office because an open primary functions like a general election, further tilting the playing field in favor of those who are independently wealthy or who raise large amounts of cash from big business interests.

“In the general election, Californians will be stuck with only two choices in all state and federal races and sometimes both will be from the same political party. Under Prop 14, they no longer have an option of casting ballots for candidates running as write-ins, Greens, or any other persuasion.

“I strongly urge voters across the political spectrum to reject this unprecedented attack on democratic rights by big business interests who are seeking to consolidate their stranglehold over elections under the guise of ‘reform.’ On Tuesday, June 8th, please vote ‘no’ on Prop 14.”

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