Coyote Hills Development Denied

Shawn Nelson voted to kill Chevron’s West Coyote Hills development – but not for the same reasons that Keller and Quirk-Silva noted. At Tuesday’s City Council Meeting Shawn Nelson said of staff, “It’s like everybody got their Christmas list out.”

Nelson was referring to the extraordinary list of demands that the City of Fullerton has placed on the developer that include all-terrain vehicles, trailers, an interpretive center, school fees of more than $10 million, a $5 million endowment, and park fees. Nelson said “There’s only 760 units planned in this development and that would be $265,000 per unit. And they haven’t graded one spec of dirt, haven’t put in a street, a sewer, a street light. I’m embarrassed. I mean that’s shameful. Whether you approve it or not, that’s a problem.” He went on to ask, “How is that [list of demands] their [Pacific Coast Homes] or anybody’s responsibility that comes to town?”

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