Another deceptive mailer alert – the GOP does NOT support Prop 14! (No party does.)

So like a good son I grab my Republican parents’ mail to bring it to them, and glancing at the sheaf of colorful political mailers my eye lights upon yet another lie.   There, under the heading “Republican endorsements,” next to pictures of Fiorina, Maldonado, Cooley and Villines, is a big “YES on 14,” Maldonado’s Open Primary initiative.

NO.  The Republican Party is AGAINST Proposition 14. So is the Democratic Party.  So is everyone who wants Republicans to be more “conservative,” as well as all of us who want the Democrats to be more PROGRESSIVE.  So are our idealistic friends in the Green and Libertarian parties, who will be even more shut out from the process if this passes.

Duane Roberts made a persuasive case here, twice, that passage of Prop 14 will result in electing only the most corporate-friendly members of the two major parties, who can rake in the most contributions and keep those contributors happy.

At first I liked the idea of more moderate Republicans.  But nearly two-thirds of California politicians are Democrats, and the corollary would be much more corporatist Democrats.  The way our districts are mostly either red or blue – not just because of politicians’ gerrymandering but also by our own self-segregation with likeminded people – will usually result in either two Democrats or two Republicans running against each other in the general, and the most watered-down candidate who can appeal to the other side winning.  Bad news for those of us who really believe in the things our two main parties purport to believe in.

Which is why ALL the Parties, quite correctly, oppose this measure.

[P.S.  It is sadly true, as the mailer says, that the GOP supports Prop 16 & 17, which friends do not let friends vote for.  I guess the GOP craves continued utility and insurance money that much.  Real life Republicans, like you guys reading, shouldn’t be so stupid.  Listen to Juice Brothers Larry Gilbert and Aaron Park:  16 and 17 are SCAMS.]

YES on 13 and 15

NO on 14, 16, and 17.

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