A closer look at Melissa Fox reveals empty rhetoric and a lack of ideas

Melissa Fox has NOTHING to say about public employee pension reform on her website!

Our editor, Vern Nelson, took umbrage at my post about his pal Melissa Fox, who is one of two Democrats running for the 70th Assembly District.  She sent out a mailer stating that it is time to “reinvest” in education.  I assumed she meant it was time to raise our taxes, which is what most Democrats seem to think.

So I took a look at her campaign website this morning.  Oh boy.  Here is what I found:

  • Fox says “During tough economic times, investing in education is one of the most important investments we can make. California is projected to face a shortage of nearly 1 million college-educated workers by 2025. Funding cuts to education will worsen that skills gap and hurt our economy.”  But there is NO mention of immigration reform or the Dream Act anywhere on her website.  You want more college educated young people?  How about letting kids raised here become citizens and go to college!  We posted just this week about a young lady named Gloria who cannot get student loans because the government won’t give her a path to citizenship, even though she grew up here in the U.S. and went to our public schools.
  • Wait, she does mention immigration, “As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for upholding America’s security and the rule of law, secure borders, responsible, legal immigration, and for the needs of our immigrant communities.”  Secure borders?  Good grief she sounds like one of those Arizona Minutemen!  Is she even against SB 1070?  Of course she does not support another amnesty.  Don’t forget – it was Republican Ronald Reagan who gave us the first amnesty!
  • Fox offers NO clue as to how she wants to increase funding in education.  We already pay the highest taxes in the nation, and it isn’t close.  So how is she going to drain more money out of us?  Schools in Irvine already spend almost $9,000 per student.  Imagine what you could do with that money if you could spend it on a private school instead?  I doubt however that she supports school vouchers!
  • Fox says “Melissa believes that the cuts to our police, sheriff and fire departments are dangerous. We cannot afford these cuts – which put our lives and the lives of our loved ones in danger.” Well Melissa, the cops and firemen are being allowed to retire at fifty, even though they die, on average, at 82.  We are going broke funding their early retirements, to the tune of six figures per year, per each cop and fireman!  Why do you think we are slashing their budgets?  To pay for the retired guys!  And will we get to retire at fifty?  No way!
  • Fox says “Melissa is strongly committed to helping businesses create jobs through tax relief and tax incentives, cutting red tape, and by investments in freeways and transportation, job training, education, and renewable and efficient energy, in order to turn around and revitalize the economy of California and Orange County.”  Give me a break!  She says she wants tax relief, then she says she wants more “investments” in a whole slew of new public spending.  Where are you going to get that money Fox?  More taxes!!!!
  • She says “Melissa will be a dedicated and passionate leader in the fight against wasteful government spending, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars.”  But take a look at her endorsements!  She is backed by every union in Orange County!  Is anyone abusing our taxpayer dollars more than unionized government workers?  Is Fox decrying the wasteful spending by her fellow Democrat, Tom Daly, who paid a consultant over $50K to advise him on baseball cards?  Doubt it!

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