Van Tran calls us a Lying Leftwing Blog that Lies




“I’m not standing here. I’m not holding this. YOU LIE!!!”

Last night in a statement to the Viet media (why do these guys always think we’ll never hear what they say in the Viet media?)  lame duck Assemblyman and Congressional wanna-be Van Tran called the Orange Juice Blog “a left-wing website … that spreads false rumors about Republican Vietnamese elected officials.”

Well, though we may or may not regret a few intemperate word choices we’ve used on Mr. Tran in the past (e.g., “Herod-like douchebag,”  “Dodo Bird,” “The Oil Spill Known As Van Tran“) a few thoughts immediately spring to mind:

  • Our blog’s leftwing slant will come as devastating news to our rightwing/Republican contributors Larry Gilbert, Terry Crowley, Sgt York, the Fullerton Fringer crowd including Tony and Travis, OverButNotOut, Rogue Elephant, Irvine Reporter, Martha Montelongo, and the Winships;  not to mention firebrands Art and Sean who spend as much time attacking Democrats as Republicans.
  • This photo is not a lie or a false rumor or otherwise faked.  Either Van is proudly displaying a request to punish his primary opponent, racist foe of democracy Tan Nguyen (which would actually be the coolest thing Van has ever done) or he has no idea WHAT he’s holding, in which case he’s VERY lucky nobody handed him a Commie flag or child porn.
  • We await eagerly this list of lies or false rumors we’ve spread about any GOP Viet pols – even just one or two! – so we can retract them if they’re indeed false.
  • Since we seem to have Van’s attention, THIS isn’t a lie:  When one of your closest friends, admirers and acolytes, Joe Dovinh, was pressed to come up with anything you’ve accomplished during your eight years in the Assembly, the only thing he could think of was a bill to relax health standards on Vietnamese New Year Pastries (so they can be sold when they’re no longer safe to eat.)  Is that about it, Assemblyman?  Have you done anything else?
  • This blog has been a staunch supporter of independent, honest Viet GOP candidates Hugh Nguyen and Quang Pham, who have resisted becoming members of the competing insular, corrupt, racist cabals of Van Tran and Janet Nguyen.  (Several years ago we supported Janet when she seemed like a fresh-faced alternative to the Trannies, but as her own corruption, racism, self-dealing and ineptness grew more apparent we’ve become outspoken critics of her too.)
  • Tran’s whine, on Vietnamese media, that we pick on Vietnamese candidates, is not only demonstrably untrue, it’s also more of the pathetic, unseemly, and divisive victimology that I would have hoped we’d all outgrown by now.
  • I lay this new discouraging phenomenon at the feet of Van and Janet:  I’ve now heard from THREE young Viet voters – which makes a pattern – that they will never vote for Vietnamese candidates because in their experience they’re all corrupt showboating liars.  That would be commenters Lam Pho and Nuoc Mam, and my good friend anti-war activist Thu-Trang.  We have an uphill struggle convincing disillusioned young Viets that candidates like Hugh, Quang, and the great progressive hope Phu Nguyen, will be any different.  Thank you Van! Heck of a job, Janet!

Until we hear back from Mr. Tran on the subject of our false rumors and his accomplishments, we’ll be forced to conclude that he is, indeed, both a Dodo Bird and an Oil Spill, as well as, yes, sadly, a Herod-like douchebag.

(See also Sean’s post on the subject.)

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