State Senator Correa tells Santa Ana tea partiers that Obamacare is socialism

State Senator Lou Correa told the Tea Partiers in Santa Ana that Obamacare is socialism (AP Photo /Jae C. Hong)

UPDATE: The Orange County Local News Network has removed the reference to Senator Correa from their Santa Ana Tea Party article.  Our editor, Vern Nelson, plans to speak to Senator Correa tomorrow to find out if he did indeed say that Obamacare is socialism.  The O.C. Local News Network is an online news source published in conjunction with the L.A. Times.

State Senator Lou Correa (34th State Senate District, D-Santa Ana) showed up at today’s Tax Day Tea Party protest in Santa Ana.  He told the protestors, in regards to Obamacare, “Call it what you want,” he said at the Santa Ana rally. “It’s socialism and it’s communism,” according to the Orange County Local News Network.

The Santa Ana Tea Party was held at the Plaza of the Flags, near the O.C. Superior Courthouse, in the Civic Center Plaza.  There were an estimated 200-300 Tea Partiers in attendance.

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