Phu’s statement on the OC Fairgrounds sale

Phu Nguyen, who is running for the 68th Assembly District (which includes Costa Mesa and the OC Fairgrounds) today released this statement:

Media Advisory

Contact: Khoi Ta (714) 251-1590

Fountain Valley.  April 14, 2010

It’s very sad that we’ve got to the point where we Orange County citizens may be forced to buy back the Fairgrounds that already belong to us.  Our grandparents paid for this local treasure with their hard-earned tax dollars so that we could enjoy it, and now we must do whatever we can to preserve it in perpetuity for our own grandchildren.

Whatever the solutions are to the political and fiscal failures in Sacramento, they should not include selling off precious public landmarks like the Orange County Fairgrounds, especially in such an underhanded and secretive process as we’ve seen here.  When I’m your Assemblyman, this is not the way our business will be conducted.

Now Costa Mesa is being given a very short time to prepare a proposal, with the lurking threat that there are companies from as far away as Asia waiting in the wings with a better offer.  We must do everything we can to keep this property in local, public hands, rather than foreign interests who care about nothing but maximizing their profits here.

But Sacramento needs to give Costa Mesa more time.  So I’m asking my supporters to call the Governor at 916-445-2841, and fax him at 916-558-3160, and ask him to extend the deadline for Costa Mesa to work out this very complex deal.

Furthermore I strongly encourage all my friends in Costa Mesa to come out and vote yes on Measure C on June 8! Measure C will lock in the “general plan” the city has in place for the property; this is our last line of defense to make sure the Fair stays a Fair, no matter who buys it!

Like nearly all residents of our great county, I have many fond memories of attending the fair and other community events.  My family and I cherish these experiences from watching the pig races to going to the farmer’s market and concerts. We need to ensure that future generations of Orange County residents have the opportunity to experience this historic and invaluable landmark.

The grass-roots movement to save the Fairgrounds has inspired us all and shown that when folks from all backgrounds and political persuasions get together for a good cause, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

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