Female Jindal staffer assaulted in NOLA! Oh. LAST FRIDAY.

Visiting my parents who as usual have FOX News blaring, and Megyn Kelly has her usual snottiness turned off and is making her big concern eyes and voice.  She’s talking to a mother whose daughter Allee Bautsch, who is chief fundraiser for Republican LA Governor Bobby Jindal, has evidently just been assaulted and had her leg “broken in five places” while leaving a Republican event.   The mother keeps insisting to Megyn that we don’t know if the assault was politically motivated or not, but Megyn just keeps going there.  Megyn is on the verge of tears, in her worry and empathy for the injured girl.  And I have to admit – not my first thought but one of my first thoughts – is write about this before Crowley comes along and makes it a big “Look At The Violent Leftists” story.

I join with all of America in wishing Ms. Bautsch a full and speedy recovery, and hoping the bastards who did it are caught and punished whether their motivations were political or not.

Of course, researching the story, first thing I learn is it happened a week ago – last Friday night, during that big Palinpalooza in NOLA.  What happened today is that Yahoo! News printed an already-backtracked-on story that a NOLA public information officer said the attacks “may have been politically motivated.”  Evidently rightwing blogs spent a few days claiming that Allee and her boyfriend were targeted because they were wearing Palin pins;  then Jindal’s office blew that story out of the water – they weren’t wearing pins at all.

Isn’t that SO FOX News – it’s only a big story now, and exceedingly heartwrenching, now that we think the assault MAY have been the work of leftwing (or anarchist) protesters.  Certain people are trying hard to make this political.  All I’m saying is I hope she recovers quickly and they catch the dipshits.

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