Democrats to hold State budget forum in Garden Grove

Marxists, at your service!

Been whining about the State budget? Do or don’t want to see taxes and fees increased? Have specific State functions you would like to see cut? Here is your chance to put some specifics with your whine about the perpetual State budget problems. The California State Assembly Democratic caucus has announced it is conducting a 5-city “tour” to discuss state budget issues and to listen.

One stop on the tour is in Orange County. Specifically, this coming Friday – April 30 – there will be a budget forum beginning at 4 PM in the Garden Grove Community Center in the Garden Grove Civic Center. The forums will be streamed live at this web address:

You can go to this same address now to learn a little bit more about the planned forums. The first one is tomorrow in Sacramento.

Can Orange County stand tall by providing constructive input, or will hysterics and anger come to the forefront? Whatever your view, let’s hope Orange County looks thoughtful, intelligent and realistic at our Garden Grove forum.

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