The Court of Three Sisters!

In New Orleans they have arguably one of the best restaurants in the known western world.  It is called “the Court of Two Sisters”!  Historic Cajun and New Orleans chow with more Cajun Shrimp and Jambalaya than you could throw a stick at.  We were last there in 1956….but some things are very predictable and consistent.  You see, there is currently a campaign  for US Senate in Califrornia with three Republicans in Primary against Incumbent Barbara Boxer!

Today, in case you weren’t paying attention was the “Great Republican Debate” with Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore!  If you want to listen to it you still can by going to or you could try to navigate through the following:  It happened at 12 Noon today!  It was much like you kissing one of your own sisters!

“1380 KTKZ features the local, political voice of Eric Hogue. Hogue started the 2003 Recall of Governor Gray Davis, and now hosts a noon show entitled “The Capitol Hour”. You can also read Hogue’s opinions at and at the KTKZ station website.”

We could go on and on about renaming the show:  The Good, The Bad and Ugly! or Three Mules for Sister Sarah or any Clint Eastwood gig like the Unforgiven or Byrd or Magnum Force.  All these examples aside, the whole diatribe was a bit much with a perfectly transparent and expected ending.  Chuck was on the Offense, Tom was on the Defense and Carly was “Just Holding”!

Campbell got beat up by Carly for being “Anti-Israel” and Chuck beat up Carly for selling HP Printer Ink to Iran.  Campbell wouldn’t answer why he wouldn’t sign “the no new taxes pledge” but finally beat up Carly for not telling him why there were “no exceptions” on raising taxes.  Dumb…Really Dumb.  Chuck touted his seemingly endless National Security credentials and Carly touted her ability to rise from the ashes as “Temp” to “CEO” and from “Cancer” to “Cancer Survivor”.  Tom couldn’t think of anything to tout!

All in all, if this is the best our Grand Old Party has to put up against a well funded incumbent Senator….they should probably be hiring any number of Orange Juice Bloggers right here that know enough – not to eat their own young!

If you are going to vote in the Primary as a Republican, you probably shouldn’t just take our word for it….but take the time to listen for the hour yourself.  The good news is, we found another good radio station for so-called Conservaties.  “1380”  Rock and Roll Conservatism – “Put a quarter in the hole and let the good times roll.”  Hmmm, that might have been Screaming Jay Hawkins that said that?

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