Remember on Signing Day


So Democrats in the House have been drinking the Kool-Aid, so much so that they are about to have their Jim Jones moment. “The enemy is at the gate, we can wait no longer.” Dozens of American representatives have all been whipped into a hallucinatory frenzy, where they are about to pass into law something that their biggest cheerleaders and former leaders pointed out that the CBO said would “cost a family of four with an income of $54000 17% of their income.”

House Democrats are relying on the Senate to pass some reconciliation. But nothing is going to fix that fact. Not only that, but the Senate works differently. And when amendments not in the House are added to the Senate bill, it will have to go BACK to the House for approval again. And so on. 

Prediction: Within a week of the House Democrats completing their Kool-Aid frenzy, Obama will sign the bill into law. He won’t wait for reconciliation, or the Senate. House Democrats will be on their own in November.

I am self insured. By choice. If this bill becomes law, I am cancelling my insurance. And when I get sick, then I will buy it. Thanks Obama.


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