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It’s a lot of laid back talk, and some rough and tumble politics to sharpen your saw. Tonight, more on the Health Care Bill’s effects on you, and how some activists beat down the Left’s grab at a their entire county’s property rights.

My guests tonight are Brian Mathias, on a trial balloon CA Senate Bill SB 211, that had it passed, and not been defeated, it would have converted every inch of Santa Cruz County into an Open Space District, wiping out the individual property rights of all it’s residents, in one fell swoop. Mr. Mathias was a leader in it’s defeat, but wants to warn citizens around the country, because Santa Cruz is one of the test pilot sites from which all bad leftist ideas are spawned, take root and grow into state wide and national trends from the Left.

SB 211 would have changed current California law governing the formation of open space districts. There is a specific process in California law for the creation of open space districts, with defined limits. However, SB 211 changed this law, creating a special exception for the formation of an open space district in Santa Cruz. This approach is a common way of forming open space bureaucracies.

Recap on the Healthcare Vote: “LET’S ZOOM OUT FOR A MOMENT.”

Many Americans are confused. Some questions on their minds:
1. WHOA! What the heck just happened on Health Care – and HOW did it
happen politically, constitutionally?

2. How will the new government mandates affect my own health care?

3. Are my taxes going to go up?

4. Did Congress just commit political suicide?
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