OJ Exclusive: Costa Mesa negotiating for Fairgrounds

The secret can now be revealed – the City of Costa Mesa is in exclusive negotiations with Sacramento to buy the Orange County Fairgrounds.  Once it was clear that there was no way this property wasn’t being sold, this emerged as the best possible scenario.  With the property under democratic local control, we’ll no longer have to worry about distant bureaucrats periodically trying to sell it to developers to patch up their budgetary shortfalls.   But it wasn’t proper – or even legal – for local governments to make this move until the developers who bid at the auction had first been officially turned down.

I’ll want to know, how much will the city pay, where will the money come from, and will Orange County be involved, as in the “Joint Powers Agreement” previously discussed.  But what I really FIRST want to know, is how soon can we replace the crooked Fair Board that got us in this pickle to begin with, and who even now is certainly plotting revenge on the equestrians and marketplace folks who stymied their secret plans?

I’ll update this as I hear more, but I’m eager to beat the local press to this story – perks of being pals with CM councilwoman Katrina Foley!  To read my previous stories on this issue, just click here!

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