If the Democrats want to beat Whitman they need to dump Brown

Jerry Brown can’t beat Meg Whitman, so who else can?

Well, it looks like everyone has buried Steve Poizner.  Polls are showing his GOP opponent, Meg Whitman, far ahead – of both Poizner and Democratic candidate Jerry Brown.

Now the Democrats need to start thinking about dumping Brown, if they really want to beat Whitman.

So who else can they run?  Well, for one thing the candidate(s) should be a woman or a minority.  Or someone with great name I.D. and a moderate record.

So how about the following Democrats:

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • Janice Hahn, L.A. Councilwoman
  • Laura Chick, L.A. Controller
  • Debra Bowen, CA Secretary of State
  • Congresswoman Jane Harman
  • Congresswoman Judy Chu

Readers?  Any other nominations?

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