Hey Vern! ACORN kicked out of Ohio!

Vern asked for it. He gets it.

With a lot more credibility than a “stuck pedal” theory that shamed Toyota into apologizing, ACORN has agreed to give up its business license in Ohio.  ACORN has admitted that its business practices produced a demonstrable pattern of fraudulent registrations.

Get out and stay out

“Under the settlement ACORN is supposed to end its operations in Ohio by June 1st. They have also agreed not to return to the state to carry out those operations under a different name as they did when prohibited from registering voters in New York and California.”

This is a settlement under the Ohio Corrupt Activities Act. Think the RICO Act, in Ohio, Vern. This is who you profess are so honorable, and forthright, and virtuous. Do gooders to the last, eh Vern? … Pardon me, I just threw up in my mouth a little… ACORN has been accused of voter fraud, vote buying and other crimes in at least twenty states, but has spent most of that time shifting blame to the random employee they hang out to dry.

ACORN was very active Ohio during the last election. So active it received the “Unsung Hero” award from the Communist Party USA. To quote the document:

ACORN was responsible for registering 250,000 of the new voters in the election, which Obama won by a margin of 220,000.

I’m going to count out those 250,000 votes now, Vern. And I WILL be coming back for more.

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