Gay basher Alexandria Coronado faces a challenger for the O.C. Board of Education

Got milk?  Not if you’re Alexandria Coronado (pictured above with Sean Hannity)

Normally we don’t pay much heed to the members of the Orange County Board of Education.  And as such they usually get reelected without any trouble at all. 

However, the President of the current O.C. Board of Education, Alexandria Coronado, might be in for rough waters.  She has an opponent, and she has become quite notorios over the past year.

Last October, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Harvey Milk Day into law.  “The law encourages schools and other educational institutions to commemorate the day each year with discussions and other exercises that help students better understand Milk’s significance on California politics and the gay-rights movement,” according to the O.C. Register.

But Coronado flipped out over the passage of Harvey Milk Day.  She led her fellow Trustees in voting 5-0 against the new law.  And she had some awful things to say about homosexuals.

Protesters showed up last year at the OC Board of Education to give Coronado a piece of their mind (OCEC)

She said,  “Why this is a civil rights issue? I don’t know when a homosexual had to sit on the back of a bus like Rosa Parks, or was forced by law to attend a different school like the Mendez family in Westminster.”

Coronado also said she had gay friends but did not name them, according to this link.

Coronado recently emailed this message to her supporters:

As President of the Orange County Board of Education, I understand the serious problems that face our public schools today.

Sacramento gives more money to health and welfare than it does to public education.  If this continues, where will our state be in ten years?

My leadership and experience helped Orange County’s public schools achieve the highest test scores in the state. I held school leaders accountable, worked to reduce costs and administration, and sent your tax dollars directly to students in the classroom.

Since I was elected, I never voted to raise your taxes, held fast to family values, and protected parental rights.

I believe the public schools need less regulation from Sacramento and Washington, D.C., not more of your tax dollars.

Coronado is being opposed this year by David L. Boyd, the President at William Howard Taft University, who ran for the Coast Community College District’s Board of Eduation in 2008.  He got over 54,000 votes in that election.

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