Predator Drones on US-Mexico Border?

Bring on the Predator Drones!

In my post of February 4 (“Kiss the Border Security Project Good Bye”) I contrasted our ability to have personnel on the ground at March AFB in Riverside using remote control to fly drones half way around the world and get real time pictures with the apparent abject failure of the electronic fence project being developed by the U.S. government and contractor Boeing. To me it seemed amazing that we have the technical capability in our armed forces that our border security effort cannot seem to replicate.

Well, I am not the only one who is perplexed by the situation. The Dallas News of February 9 reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry has asked the Defense Department to deploy an unarmed Predator along the Texas-Mexico border to provide real time data.

Perry, a Republican running for his third term as Governor, was immediately criticized by Democratic Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is also running for Governor pointed out that three Predators are already in use along the Arizona- Mexico border and one of these aircraft is set to be deployed near Corpus Christi, Texas this summer.

So, regardless of which politician appears to be the biggest advocate of border security, the reality is that Predator drones are in use along the US-Mexico border and more are coming. Nice to know the capability developed by our military is indeed being used for domestic security as well.  Just maybe the Boeing contract is not needed after all.

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