Is lawn bowling still relevant to the people of Santa Ana?

When I suggested that we replace the Dale Griggs Lawn Bowling Center, located at Santa Ana’s Santiago Park, I had no idea what the sport of lawn bowling was all about. But I had an idea that the lawn bowlers were not from Santa Ana.

Don’t ask by the way who Dale Griggs is. I tried to find out. I suspect he was a past elected official. There is almost no information about him available on the Internet. But his name still lingers at Santiago Park.

Yesterday I took my dog for a walk – and brought my camera. As you can see in the slide show above, these folks don’t appear to be from Santa Ana. One of the cars, which had a lawn bowler license plate, even had a City of Fountain Valley sticker on it.

Here is what the Santa Ana Lawn Bowling Club has to say about themselves and their sport, on their website:

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