Citizen Power Rally to Save California

Citizen Power Rally - February

You must act now to save California!

It is time for each of us to do our part to save California. The state is teetering on the brink of financial collapse.   No one is coming to save us.  Only you can fix California.  You must act now or California will fail.

Fiscal meltdown

California is in a fiscal meltdown.  The budget crisis has forced painful cuts to education, healthcare, and highways. Worse, a looming pension crisis is on the horizon.  When the state runs out of money, then what?

The root cause

There is growing  bipartisan consensus that the root cause of our crisis is California’s public employee unions.  “At some point,” said former San Francisco Mayor and Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D), “Someone is going to have to get honest about the fact that 80 percent of the state, county and city budget deficits are due to employee costs.”

Congressman Tom McClintock (R) agrees, “People on both sides of the aisle know that public employee unions have too much power in Sacramento and stand in the way of real reform.”  Senate candidate Tom Campbell explains, “Our state budget is broken.  Our state pensions are broken. They’re broken because Sacramento is broken — dominated by a political machine where the public employee unions have excessive power in influencing legislation and budgets.”

“California’s fiscal crisis will continue unless we can break the political machine,” says Senate candidate Chuck DeVore, ” The political alliance created by legislators and the powerful public employee unions who bankroll their campaigns results in bigger government, more spending, and taxpayers are shut out of the process.”  Political activist Mark Meckler explains, “It’s a corrupt, rigged system, and we taxpayers are left holding the bag.”

Unplug the political machine

The Citizen Power Initiative is the only way to truly reform California’s state government,” says Mark Meckler, one of five proponents of the measure.  The Citizen Power Initiative is a constitutional amendment that will end the corrupt practice of public employee unions using members’ dues collected by the government for political donations.  “Government should not be taking what is essentially taxpayer money and giving it to union bosses for politics,” says Chuck DeVore.

“Now is the time to repair our broken democracy and make California governable again, ” says Tom Campbell, “The Citizen Power Initiative is a necessary first step. We can’t fix anything while the public employee unions are able to defend the system that got us to our present crisis.  Even now, these unions are filing lawsuits to block the spending cuts we need to balance our budget.  And they’re paying for this with money that comes from their members, who are paid out of taxpayer’s pockets. The Citizen Power Initiative fixes this.”

It’s up to you

California’s future is up to you.  If you do nothing, then California will fail.  You must do your part – for yourself, your friends, your family, for all the people counting on you to fix California’s democracy.

You must act now to support the Citizen Power Campaign and qualify the Citizen Power Initiative for the November 2010 ballot.

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