Can Long Pham beat Allan Mansoor in the 68th A.D. primary?

Long Pham!

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Costa Mesa Councilman Allan Mansoor would do well not to understimate his opponent in the GOP primary for the 68th Assembly District, O.C. Board of Education Member Long Pham.

Pham pulled off an upset in 2008, when he defeated longtime incumbent Felix Rocha, in Area 1 of the O.C. Board of Education.  Pham ended up with over 19,000 votes, winning 51% to 48.9%, according to Smart Voter.

This year Pham will benefit from the contest between Assemblyman Van Tran, who represents the 68th A.D., and businessman Quang Pham, in the 47th Congressional District’s GOP primary.  Tran and his opponent will be marketing heavily to Viet voters in the 68th.  Do you really think those voters will vote for Mansoor?

To make things even worse for Mansoor, the Democratic candidate for the 68th, Phu Nguyen, will also be marketing heavily to Viet voters.

The 68th A.D. consists of 14.88% of Orange County, including all of Costa Mesa and Fountain Valley, and 10.08% of Anaheim, 64.92% of Garden Grove, 10.17% of Newport Beach, 82.98% of Stanton, and 69.30% Westminster.

Costa Mesa has  108,724 voters.  The part of Garden Grove in the district has 107,239 voters.  The portion of Fountain Valley in the district has 54,978 voters.  And the Westminster area has 61,129 voters. 

It is quite conceivable indeed that Pham could win – without spending much money.

Other Viet candidates will also be working the Viet vote in the area, including Hugh Nguyen, who is running for Orange County Clerk-Recorder.

Mansoor, on the other hand, has few supporters.  He showed up to the recent Tet Festival Parade by himself.  He will be doing all he can to get the Minuteman vote to the polls.  That is his sorry base.  Look at his endorsements and you will see a list of white names – no minority support at all.

So far, Supervisor Janet Nguyen has done nothing to help Pham.  But she is helping Quang, in his contest against Tran.  Will she support Mansoor?  If she is smart she will stay out of this contest.

Tran, on the other hand, is helping Pham.  Good.  Pham deserves the support.  I hope he prevails!

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