Will Meg Whitman debate Steve Poizner before the June primary?

It’s been awhile since Meg Whitman appeared in public…

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Meg Whitman “has spent millions on radio ads, but she has not made a personal campaign appearance in nearly six weeks and has offered no details on how she would meet her goals of cutting up to 30,000 state workers and attracting 2 million new jobs to California,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

She has in fact donated $39 million to her campaign, surpassing even Al Checchi, the Democratic millionaire who also tried to buy his election, in 1998.

The primary is in June.  We have yet to see Whitman debate her remaining Republican opponent, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.  I am not a big fan of Poizner, but it strikes me as very wrong that he might lose this election without ever having the chance to debate his primary opponent.

If Whitman is too gutless to take on Poizner, what makes any of us think she can handle the wily Democrats in Sacramento?  Will she march to the state capitol with the best of intentions and get punked like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did?

Whitman’s book, “The Power of Many: Values for Success in Business and in Life,” is coming out on Tuesday.  Finally we will get a glimpse as to what she is about and what she stands for.  But we still won’t have a clue as to what she intends to do as Governor.

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