The Jannie Report – the Garden Grove U.S.D. didn’t violate the Brown Act after all

Chris Prevatt, the editor in chief at “Liberal OC” likes to file what he calls his “Bull Dog Investigation” Reports. Examples include the posts in which he “obtained” the recordings of police encounters involving local Assemblyman Van Tran and Westminster Council Member Truoung “Tyler” Diep.

His latest doggy report is a self-made controversy over a perceived breach of the Brown Act at the Garden Grove Unified School District, by Trustee Lan Nguyen. Now for full disclosure, our readers should know that Lan Nguyen is my neighbor.  We live three doors down from each other and I often see him and his family and we wave and exchange pleasantries on a regular basis. That’s about the extent of our relationship and I disclose this so that there is no illusion of an improper relationship influencing this article.

I did not receive a letter with legal findings by the GGUSD General Counsel from Lan Nguyen, or any agent on behalf of Lan Nguyen. It would be a stretch to say the same for Chris Prevatt and Janet Nguyen, but I’m sure you are all aware of that by now.   It is widely know that Nguyen regularly hand-feeds Prevatt information about her opponents through her agents, the “Jannies.”

With regards to the latest tempest in a teapot whipped up by Prevatt, a legal opinion was sought by the GGUSD District Superintendent Laura Schwalm PhD. The general Counsel for the GGUSD reviewed the transcripts of the meeting and the issues raised by Trustee KimOanh Nguyen Lam.  The General Counsel Ronald Wenkart reviewed the transcripts and found no violation of the Brown Act since there were two different topics discussed between Lan Nguyen and the two other Trustees involved.

You may read the legal opinion in the letter from GGUSD General Counsel for full details, by clicking here.

With Prevatt’s demonstrated ability to obtain audio recordings of other local officials from the Westminster Police Department, I am sure he will be right on top of reporting these latest developments over the Brown Act accusations at the GGUSD.  After all he has been able to obtain audio recordings from the Police Department on his own and with no help from his handler Janet Nguyen….RIGHT?

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