Some shady characters call Santa Ana home

This blog site periodically contains posts attempting to portray Santa Ana as a misunderstood place to live and work that is unfairly characterized as a haven for undocumented immigrants, gangs, drug dealing and other criminal activities. In spite of such image polishing attempts, daily reports in the Orange County Register paint a different picture. Take the January 20 edition for example.

Page 4 of the Register’s Local News section reports that two brothers with the last name of Duran received prison sentences for stabbing a man who tried to stop them from painting gang graffiti on a wall in Santa Ana. The incident reportedly happened around 2 AM when the Duran brothers, both in their 30’s and accompanied by a 17 year old identified as Manola Mauricio, were installing graffiti when the victim yelled at them to stop. The Duran trio, joined by two others who rode up on bikes, attacked the victim. It seems that one of the Duran brothers had previous convictions for felonies. He received a sentence of 13 years in prison for assault and street terrorism, leaving one to wonder why it was not a third strike life sentence. His brother received a 7 year sentence. The 17 year old was credited with 200 days already served and given 3 years of probation and ordered to stay away from gangs.

Then there is the story reporting that two “people of interest” in the killing of a man in Orange were found hiding out in Oregon and have been arrested. Robert Reil and Amour Villamar, both from Santa Ana are the “people of interest” in the shooting death of another Santa Ana resident identified as Felix Bernal. Both Reil and Villamar, according to the Register story, have prior convictions including assault with a deadly weapon, drug offenses and vehicle theft. The crime occurred in Orange, but the “people of interest” and the victim were from Santa Ana.

Next is a brief story that a sheriff’s special officer driving to work on Tuesday got into a confrontation with a group of possible gang members, one of who reportedly pointed a hand gun at the officer. The officer fired several shots at the vehicle, that then sped off. Whether the officer‘s shots hit anyone is unknown. This happened in broad daylight around 10 AM.

So, here we have a day in the life of Santa Ana. It is not a unique day, as a reading of the Register on most any day will demonstrate. If anyone wonders why Santa Ana and its culture are viewed by many as treacherous, one needs only to re-read this post.

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