Should CAPO Trustees Lopez-Maddox and Winsten be recalled?

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“Parents for Local Control, a newly formed coalition of parents and community leaders that opposes Capistrano’s “reform”-minded school board, presented trustees Ken Lopez-Maddox and Mike Winsten with recall notices during a board meeting Tuesday night,” according to the O.C. Register.

This would be the third such recall in CAPO history.

Lopez-Maddox and Winsten have acted like typical Republicans and now parents, or at least some parents, are mad.

The rest of the CAPO board of trustees faces reelection in November.  The folks behind the latest recall are targeting them too.

Lopez-Maddox served in the Assembly, in the 68th District, a few years back when he lived in Garden Grove.  He later was defeated by John Campbell when they ran for the same State Senate seat.  Campbell eventually moved on to Congress and now he is facing oppostion from Irvine Councilwoman Beth Krom.

Lopez-Maddox was fairly conservative as a state legislator.  He is pro guns, anti-choice and anti-immigration.  Barbara Coe, of CCIR, was a big fan of his and supported him against Campbell.  He also was very pro labor.  He got in hot water with county conservatives when he backed the O.C. Project Labor Agreement, which locked non-union contractors out of bidding on Orange County public works projects, for several years.

Lopez-Maddox ended up getting a divorce and he moved to Dana Point.  He has worked as a consultant and I believe he also still works for State Board of Equalization member Michelle Steel.  Lopez-Maddox also married a Latina and he added her surname to his.  Click here to email Lopez-Maddox.

I don’t know much about Winsten.  He appears to be a lawyer with a practice in Laguna Niguel.  Click here to see his firm’s website.  Click here to email him.

Both of these guys are products of the Education Alliance, a conservative grassroots organization that tries to take over school boards in Orange County.  They tend to be a bit nutters.

Let’s see if the folks who opposed the recall of Mission Viejo Councilman Lance MacLean oppose this one too.

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