OC GOP Chair Scott Baugh took union money too

OC GOP Chair Scott Baugh and his lobbyist buddies love labor unions, when it pays to

When OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh announced his jihad against Republican candidates who accept money or endorsements from unions, I wondered if he had helped himself to union money in the past. 

While it has been awhile since Baugh was in the State Assembly, you can research his campaign finance records at the California Secretary of State’s website.  Sure enough, Baugh had his hand in the union cookie jar.

Here are some of the donations Baugh has accepted from unions over the years:

  • The California Union of Safety Employees donated $3,000 to a PAC controlled by Baugh on 2/9/2000, in the form of an independent expenditure
  • The California Association of Highway Patrolmen gave the same PAC a $1,000 donation on 1/13/00.
  • The Peace Officers Research Association gave the same PAC a $1,000 donation on 1/19/00.
  • The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges gave the same PAC a $1,000 donation on 1/21/00
  • The California Correctional Supervisors Organization PAC gave the same PAC a $1,000 donation on 5/11/00

Currently Baugh also works for a company called Platinum AdvisorsTheir staff is chock full of Democrats!  Their clients include:

  • The San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association
  • A slew of cities and counties, including Orange County and the O.C. Sanitation District

So Baugh now wants us to believe that he is some kind of paycheck protection supporter?  Well he might be posturing that way now, but in the past he has been more than happy to take union money.  It is hard to buy into his sincerity…

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