No more taxpayer paid vacations for Sanchez and Rohrabacher?

If Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez wants to travel to Australia’s beaches, let her pay for it herself!

There is an effort underway in Congress to curb all the free travel that our Congressional Representatives undertake at public expense, according to the O.C. Register. They call these trips “junkets.”

“The Orange County congressional delegation shares in the ignominy. Rep. Loretta Sanchez reports 19 trips since November 2006 at a price of $82,707, a tad more than Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, whose six trips cost taxpayers $72,290. Spending for foreign travel, which amounted to $13 million in 2008, has increased nearly 1,000 percent since 1995, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation,” according to an O.C. Register editorial.

Let’s hope this bill passes!  We shouldn’t be paying to send our Congressional Representatives on vacation, especially not during a recession!

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