Top viewed Orange Juice posts of 2009

Big Orange Juice posts of 2009

What a year we have had here at the Orange Juice blog.  We have had 491,271 visits to this blog, this year – and over a million page views!  And, according to the California Political Blog rankings, we are the #1 political blog in California, over the past 12 weeks, and maybe over the past year (they don’t offer yearly rankings).  That is despite the fact that many of the local blogs in town refuse to link to us.

So which of our posts were visited the most this year?  Thanks to Google Analytics, we can share that information with you.

  1. Our SAUSD corruption threads continued to rack up hits this year.  One of them had over 20,000 page views!
  2. When John and Ken launched the Tax Revolt in Fullerton, our blogger Larry Gilbert was there.  We covered it and our post got over 5,600 page views!  Red County?  They blew the story off, and had to play catch up.
  3. When Democratic congressional candidate Beth Krom’s son Noah died, we broke the story about how it happened.  The post has garnered over 5,200 page views to date.
  4. The City of Santa Ana finally decided to allow new massage parlors again.  Our post about the city’s new massage parlor ordinance blew up with over 4,800 page views.  Were the readers just looking for Happy Endings?  Who knows…
  5. Our post about Orange County Clerk Recorder Tom Daly’s assistant, Renee Ramirez, running for his seat has had over 3,100 page views.
  6. We wrote about the Tax Revolt protest on April 15th and the post got almost 3,000 page views.
  7. Larry Gilbert slammed the City of Mission Viejo for blowing thousands of taxpayer dollars on a Rose Parade float.  His post got 2,982 page views.
  8. Our initial post about the Mike Duvall drippy scandal got 2,978 page views.
  9. It is probably fitting that another of our Duvall posts blew up as well, with 2,570 page views.
  10. And it wouldn’t be 2009, without a birther post.  Gilbert’s post about a court trial dealing with the Obama birther issue got over 1,500 page views.

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