Sue Perez, who was backed by Janet Nguyen, won’t run against Correa after all

Supervisor Janet Nguyen

Pity poor Supervisor Janet Nguyen.  When it comes to endorsements, she just can’t shoot straight.  She recently backed carpetbagger Linda Ackerman for the 72nd Assembly District.  Then she endorsed Ackerman’s challenger, Chris Norby, just in case.  And he won, moving on to a run-off in January.  It wasn’t close.

Ackerman hadn’t even taken down her campaign signs when Nguyen announced she was co-chairing the campaign of yet another carpetbagger, Sue Perez, who was challenging State Senator Lou Correa.  Oops.  Now the Red County blog is reporting that Perez has pulled out, due to some alleged baggage.  Could that be the fact that she was a carpetbagger and her husband Ed was appointed to the Anaheim Planning Commission by Democratic Anaheim City Councilwoman Lorri Galloway?

Whoops!  It looks like we chased Perez out of the race altogether, leaving Nguyen holding the bag of yet another disastrous campaign.

This past week we also saw Nguyen get ripped by her fellow Supervisor, John Moorlach.  She first ticked him off a few years ago when she endorsed Stanton’s nutty Mexican-hater Dave Shawver over Moorlach.  Shawver got blown out – and Moorlach never forgot the slight.

Now Nguyen has peeved Correa, who helped her get elected by arranging to have local unions pay for her recount, when she barely won against Trung Nguyen.

In the span of one month Nguyen’s crazy endorsements have angered a powerful Democrat and a powerful Republican.  She might be the acting Chair of the O.C. Board of Supervisors next year, but it is going to be a rough year for Nguyen…and her list of friends is dwindling faster than ever!

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