Rush Limbaugh hospitalized with chest pains while vacationing in Hawaii

“Conservative U.S. radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was resting comfortably at a hospital in Hawaii on Wednesday after suffering chest pains, his website said,” according to ABC News.

Has Limbaugh become so enraged at the buffoonery of the Obama administration, which this past week allowed a terrorist to almost blow up a jet plane full of Americans, that he has now had a heart attack?

It is really weird that Limbaugh was in Hawaii at the same time as Obama. Even on vacation Limbaugh could not escape Obama!

Our prayers go out to Limbaugh, who can be a blowhard, but his radio show is very popular.  He is in serious condition.

We need a health Limbaugh to keep going after Obama and his increasingly lame Homeland Security Department!

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