New Democrat Assembly Speaker John Perez is already talking about raising our taxes!

John Perez wants to raise our taxes

Ruh roh!  Assemblyman John Perez was just appointed to be the new Assembly Speaker and he is already talking about raising our taxes – again!

Perez also “alluded to proposals to eliminate the rule that the Legislature pass a budget with a two-thirds vote,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

Great.  Then he and his fellow Democrats can raise our taxes even quicker…

Did Perez mention any budget cuts at his press conference?  Um, no.

And Perez did mention jobs, but then he said he would not work to overturn “Assembly Bill 32, which requires reduction of carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.”  

“I haven’t been given anything that convinces me it’s a true impediment to moving the state’s economy forward,” Pérez said.

Hey Perez, how about the fact that AB 32 is a job killer?

I think it is great that a gay Latino is our Assembly Speaker, but this dork wants to raise taxes, doesn’t want to make budget cuts, and doesn’t think AB 32 is a job killer.  No bueno!

And won’t raising taxes kill even more jobs?  Maybe Perez needs to take some basic economics classes?

Perez is going to force even more Democrats to quit the blue party and go decline to state…

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