Is anyone really surprised that the Red County blog is crawling with paid consultants?


Ruh roh!  Red County is chock full of traitorous consultants…

A Red County blogger who called himself Sgt. York was exposed today as a consultant paid by GOP gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner.

Red County publisher Chip Hanlon immediately huffed and puffed and tossed the blogger, whose real name is Aaron Park, according to the O.C. Register.

Are you kidding?  What about Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham?  The guy is nothing more than a paid shill!  Why doesn’t Hanlon fire him too?

In fact many of Red County’s bloggers are consultants.  They are filthy with them!  This is one of the reasons you cannot trust their red tripe.

The Poizner campaign is now alleging that Red County is pimping for Meg Whitman.  Whatever.  Poizner is DOA.  Whitman will lose too – if she gets past the primary the Democrats will easily take her out.

And so it goes in the dreadful, dying California Republican Party…

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