What really happened to Tiger Woods?

The updated video above includes the 911 call by one of Tiger’s neighbors, reporting his accident early Friday morning

What happened to champion golfer Tiger Woods when he crashed his car this weekend? It is truly a bizarre story.

Fox Sports asked 20 questions about this mess, which make a lot of sense.

For one thing, if the crash was minor, why did Wood’s wife feel compelled to smash the rear window of his vehicle and pull him out?

And why are there no witnesses?

Lastly, why did law enforcement officials say it was a domestic disturbance, and then change their minds?

It is sad to see such a great athlete embroiled in such a mess. If indeed Woods was cheating on his wife, I think his endorsements will disappear.

Ashley Simpson and Rachel Uchitel

Ashley Samson (blond) and her gal pal Rachel Uchitel (National Enquirer)

And if Woods was cheating on her, allegedly with New York party girl Rachel Uchitel, this is just another nail in the coffin of straight marriage. (Uchitel’s gal pal Ashley Samson outed the alleged relationship.) As I have said before, gays are not a threat to marriage – straights are.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that “Tiger told a friend that his wife went ballistic at around 2:00 AM yesterday and scratched his face up — all because of reports he allegedly had cheated on her. He left the house, started driving away and she attacked the SUV with a golf club, Tiger told the friend. He got “distracted” and hit the hydrant.”

God willing, Woods will recover. And then hopefully he will face the music and tell us all what really happened…

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