Thanksgiving Derailment – 42 days to Save the Fair, with your loved ones!

fair 4Happy Thanksgiving! Is your family driving you crazy yet?  Is that why you’re hiding out in the other room looking at your computer?  Is your Republican Dad griping about Obama’s birth certificate, or your leftwing radical brother-in-law bitching about how Thanksgiving is all about the genocide of Native Americans?  Well, I’ve got just what you need – an issue guaranteed to bring everybody together in a good cause – Derailing the Tainted Sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds – and a couple of simple projects everyone can take turns doing on the computer, even on a Holiday!

  1. Sign this petition! It hasn’t been as publicized as it should, and is far from its goal of 10,000 signatures – let’s remedy that this weekend.
  2. Join our Facebook page, so you can keep up with all our latest news and plans.

fair 3I’m thankful today, not only for our Fair, but also that we have such a tireless devoted public servant as Costa Mesa Councilwoman Katrina Foley. The awesome powerpoint presentation that she prepared and presented (along with her colleague Wendy Leece) at the Nov. 17 council meeting is invaluable for understanding how we got to where we are with this Tainted Sale, and where we go from here to prevent it.  Now that we’ve put the presentation on You Tube (over the flip) it’s the perfect primer for viewing with your relatives as they zone out on turkey tryptophan and drool, “Huh?  What tainted sale?”  Enjoy, learn, fight!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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