Renee Ramirez launches her campaign for Clerk-Recorder in lame fashion

Renee Ramirez for Clerk Recorder

How lame is it for a political candidate to send out a mailer with a website address that is not working?  That is what Renee Ramirez did this week when she sent a letter out to local title companies, touting her campaign for Orange County Clerk-Recorder. 

Click here to read her letter.

I looked up the website she referred to in her letter, which is  Apparently she has hired Chad Morgan as her webmaster.  Morgan is known for his affiliation with the Trannies – the followers of despicable Mexican-hating Republican Assemblyman Van Tran.

Ramirez only recently registered as a Republican.  She works for current Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly, who is a Democrat.  Ramirez is known to be widely disliked by her fellow employees.

Tom Daly and Renee Ramirez 3

But, at least Ramirez has experience in the Clerk-Recorder’s office.  That is more than her fellow Republican Jon Dumitru can say…  He too is running for Clerk-Recorder. 

The best choice remains Hugh Nguyen – he worked for former Clerk-Recorder Gary Granville for 12 years.  Nguyen is currently the Assistant County Clerk. 

As for Daly, he is running for the Board of Supervisors.  He is running against two other Democrats and one Republican.  He, like Ramirez, still doesn’t have his website up.  Or does he?

Question for Daly – why is he backing newly Republican Ramirez over his fellow Democrat, Buena Park Councilman Art Brown, who is also running for Clerk-Recorder?

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