ObammyCare Doomy or Gloomy?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen  Sebelious held a Reporter Conference Call today to announce a State by State Report on Health Insurance Reform.  The HHS.gov product is entitled:  Health Insurance Reform: The Case for Change.  The report cautions that if we do nothing, that by 2019 the number of uninsured people will grow by more than 30 percent in 29 States and  by at least 10 percent in every other state.

Furthermore; the report says that businesses in 27 States will see premiums more than double with fewer people having coverage through employers.  The report  further states that the amount of uncompensated care will more than double in 45 States.

What the good Secretary failed to mention was that if the Senate option is chosen that it would not go into effect until 2013.  Additionally, the Secretary didn’t mention that normal cost of living will probably raise rates by 30 to 38% even if those options are chosen.  The idea of mandating that every living American put money into their own healthcare seems overly optimistic at best.  Utilizing IRS fines and possible jail time to enforce the program  – seems rather UnAmerican.  Forcing large and small businesses to add Health Insurance for every employee will only serve to  raise consumer prices to pay for the coverage.  Everything that is touched by an employee in this country will be simply included as an unnamed VAT – by those Healthcare requirements.

Finding less demanding answers to the Healthcare dilemma seems a far more reasonable approach.  Finding tax incentives for small busineses is a good start and a nice touch.  What gets quite confusing is the rhetorical arguments that suggest that “every American will have the same Healthcare that those in the Federal Government have!” – affordably (We have yeat to see that program in print!).  The major conjecture over the illegal immigrant funding of healthcare for those without papers and the payments for abortion and lyposuction or other optional procedures…….is still left hanging when the discussion turns to the various Exchange Programs being offered.

Perhaps a more conservative or moderate approach to Healthcare is important in order to start the process.  Perhaps, just making Healthcare provided by Individual Companies as a 100% Federal and State tax write-off…may be a better beginning in the discussion.  Making sure that Prescription Drugs and Dental Coverage are included in any Healthcare coverage might additionally add fruit bearing to the tree.

In today’s world, mandating Healthcare Premiums for all…….is not a viable solution.  What happens to those below the Proverty Level again?  What about people that can’t find jobs in five years?  What about people that have no skills or cannot read or write the English language?  What happened to HMO’s again?  The same guys that without help created the main reasons that we need Healthcare Reform.  They are the poster Children for nightmarish turndowns for the most salient Bueaucratic reasons and indiscretions.  There is little doubt that they had to go the way of the Pony Express and Overland Stage.  There demise however leaves lots of holes in methods that we currently utilize to “ration our healthcare” system.  They will have to think up new ways to refuse  service.  Most likely, they will include the European and Canadian model……..of saying:  “You are now on the list!  We will be in touch!”

If there was ever a time to take a step back or to turn down the rhetorical debate on Healthcare….the time is now.  States need to make their individual Healthcare programs easily merge with any mandated new Federal program.   If they don’t,  the nightmare and confusion will be on a scale that is unfathomable.  We caution that Congress…….to not “screw the pooch” on this one.  They have already made it abundantly clear they know nothing about finance or banking…no need to show their petticoats on Healthcare as well.  The Law of Unintended Consequences is waiting in the wings for 2010!

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