It’s over for Linda Ackerman, in the 72nd Assembly District Special Election

Completed Precincts: 0 of 197
Vote Count Percentage
CHRIS NORBY (REP) 10,401 35.9%
JOHN MACMURRAY (DEM) 7,985 27.6%
LINDA ACKERMAN (REP) 5,895 20.3%
RICHARD FAHER (REP) 3,841 13.3%
JANE RANDS (GRN) 855 3.0%

Well, it’s over for Linda Ackerman in the Special Election to replace Mike Duval in the 72nd Assembly District.  With absentee voters counted she fell to third place, behind Democrat John MacMurray.  Ackerman only got 20% of the vote.  Click here for election results.

Kudos to Jane Rands!  She is kicking some tail with almost 1,000 votes – and only 1,006 Greens are registered in the district.

Congratulations to Supervisor Chris Norby!  This might go to a run-off, but he has this in the bag.

I am sure Jerbal will be falling over himself to congratulate Norby…

I wonder how quickly Ackerman will move back to Irvine?

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