Is Tom Daly pulling out of the Supervisors race in the 4th District?


Adios Daly!

Multiple sources are reporting that Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly is pulling out of the race for the 4th Supervisorial District – perhaps as soon as next week.

Apparently Daly knew it was over when termed out Supervisor Chris Norby, who is the incumbent in the 4th District, decided to endorse Republican Shawn Nelson, who is on the Fullerton City Council.  Daly thought he might get Norby’s endorsement, but Norby was not allowed to endorse Daly, by his handlers.

Everything changed when Norby deated Linda Ackerman in this month’s special election in the 72nd Assembly District.  Norby will win the seat outright in January, when he heads to the run-off election.  Norby’s handlers told him to endorse Nelson now that he is in position to become a Republican legislator.

Daly will presumably run for reelection as Clerk-Recorder.  There have been signs of this in recent days as Daly has been busy hiring more of his hack buddies. 

So the question now is, can Republican Hugh Nguyen defeat Daly when they face off in the next Clerk-Recorder election?  It is likely that the other candidates for Clerk-Recorder, which include Democrats Art Brown and Katrina Foley and Republican Jon Dumitru, will all pull out if Daly stays put.  The same goes for Daly’s newly Republican assistant, Renee Ramirez.

As for Daly, this has to be a most bitter pill for him to swallow.  He has openly lusted for a seat on the Board of Supervisors for years.  Now his dreams are apparently thwarted again. 

Daly could have hung in there and run for Supervisor, but Democrat Lorri Galloway and Republican Harry Sidhu, who are both on the Anaheim City Council, are also running for the 4th District.  They would have diluted Daly’s base in Anaheim. 

The clear winner in all this is Nelson, who now is the favorite to replace Norby in the 4th District.

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