If the race for the 72nd goes to a run-off, will Ackerman endorse the Democrat?

Linda Ackerman is Dick Ackerman

After Linda Ackerman loses on Tuesday, will she endorse the Democrat in a run-off?

The Republicans in New York lost a House seat recently when Dierdre Scozzafava, a liberal Republican, withdrew from a special election and endorsed the Democrat, Bill Owens, who went on to beat a conservative candidate named Doug Hoffman.

Here in Orange County, the voters in the 72nd Assembly District will be voting on Tuesday in a race that got ugly quickly, as carpetbagger Linda Ackerman went nasty on Supervisor Chris Norby.  It may well be that the top vote-getter will be Democratic candidate John MacMurray.  But will he win outright, or will he end up in a run-off with Norby?

MacMurray barely lost to the former incumbent, drippy Mike Duvall.  I don’t think he can win outright, but I could see him forcing a run-off.  The question then will be whether or not Ackerman will then endorse MacMurray rather than support Norby, who is hated by both Ackerman and her husband, Dick.

I think Ackerman would seriously consider backing MacMurray.  She would then become Orange County’s Dierdre Scozzafava.

Voters should keep this in mind on Tuesday and avoid such a mess by voting for Norby.

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