Democrats pick up GOP House seat in New York, but Corzine loses in New Jersey

“Democrat Bill Owens has captured the special election for a New York congressional seat that became a fight over the identity of the Republican Party,” according to the AP.

But the Dems had to temper their celebration since their boy Jon Corzine got tossed in New Jersey.

“Republican Chris Christie, a former corruption-busting prosecutor, unseated the deep-pocketed but unpopular Gov. Jon Corzine on Tuesday in a bruising contest that focused on New Jersey’s ailing economy, its highest-in-the-nation property taxes and even Christie’s weight,” according to the AP.

The Republicans did however have plenty of reasons to celebrate in Virginia, where “Republican Bob McDonnell struck a tone of unity in his victory speech after convincingly defeating Democrat Creigh Deeds in the Virginia governor’s race Tuesday, ending his party’s eight-year shutout from the office,” according to the Wall St. Journal.

Welcome to the teeter totter that is American electoral politics.  The voters try the blue party then switch to the red party when it turns out the blue party is clueless and corrupt.  Then a few years later they dump the red guys again and go back to blue.  They ought to just vote Libertarian and come away knowing the voted for liberty and freedom instead of voting for endless Republican and Democratic hacks.

So for now the Republicans have the upper hand, and Democrats everywhere must be dreading the 2010 mid-term elections, when no doubt the GOP will make more gains – and maybe even take back the House of Representatives. 

If the Democrats are looking for someone to blame, they need to start with President Barack Obama, who is dragging his heels on gay marriage, amnesty and stopping our ridiculous wars.  While stepping on the gas with asinine environmental and public health policies. 

Don’t blame me – I voted for the Libertarian presidential ticket last year…and no matter how bad things get under Obama, I am still glad that the McCain/Palin ticket lost.  Let’s see what crazed Republicans end up running against Obama in a few years as the teeter totter may well end up dumping Obama.

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