And it’s Democrat Bill Owens in NY-23!


First Democrat in 120 years to win this upstate New York district.  A byproduct of the GOP Civil War.  The district’s been WHIG more than it’s been Dem.  But it’s not just the 3-way thing – 49% is remarkable for a Democrat in a district like this!  For one thing these crusty Adirondackers don’t take kindly to outsiders like Palin and Glenn Beck meddling in their district, not to mention a carpetbagging extremist lacking all interest in their local issues.  Hearken to the official Dem Gloat:

This election represents a double-blow for National Republicans and their hopes of translating this summer’s ‘tea party’ energy into victories at the ballot box. Not only did eight extreme right-wing groups spend more than $1 million to drive the moderate Republican – and the NRCC’s chosen candidate – out of the race.  Now, after losing a seat that was held by Republicans for nearly 120 years, they have to deal with an emboldened and well-funded far right-wing that refuses to tolerate moderate Republicans with differing opinions.

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