Villaraigosa backer Ed Roski to spend $25K on hit pieces against Norby?

Ed Roski loves Villaraigosa

One of our pajaritos is reporting that Ed Roski, the millionaire land developer and realtor from Los Angeles, has filed paperwork with the Orange County Voter Registrar’s office indicating that he is going to spend $25,000 on an independent expenditure – presumably against Supervisor Chris Norby, who is running for the 72nd Assembly District.

It should not surprise us that Roski is siding with Linda Ackerman, Norby’s Repbulican opponent.  Her husband Dick served for years in the State Legislature and has connections with creeps like Roski. 

Roski is currently working on building an NFL Stadium in the City of Industry – and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger this week signed a bill that will allow Roski to proceed without environmental impact studies, called CEQA.  Norby has spoken out against this so now Roski gets his revenge.

NFL Los Angeles Football

Ed Roski standing where his stadium will be built (AP)

Roski is a prominent backer of some of the worst Democrats in Los Angeles, including the slimy Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  My advice to Republican voters in the 72nd, don’t let this rich bastard from Los Angeles tell you how to vote!  He has spent thousands of dollars supporting awful Democrats – and Dick Ackerman cut deals with many of those Democrats over the years, while raising our taxes and growing our state government into the bankrupt behemoth it is today.

Roski has also backed some pretty lame Republicans, including George W. Bush and John McCain.  Click here to see who he has given money to.

Norby is by no means perfect, but we know where he stands on taxes and government waste.  As for Linda Ackerman, her husband recently told a reporter that he “speaks for Linda.”  That is of course an end-run against term limits as Dick himself cannot run for the state legislature anymore.

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