Tessa Dick to Speak at Libertarian Conference

Tessa Dick, Libertarian

Tessa Dick, Libertarian

Tessa Dick, wife of famed science fiction writer Philip K. Dick will be attending the Southern California Libertarian Conference, taking place this coming Saturday, October 17th.

Her personal blog can be found here.

We’re all very excited to see Tessa stand with us and share her comments.

Dave and Buster’s
4821 Mills Circle
Ontario, CA 91764-5200

Admission for the non-eater & bottomless soda: $10
Admission with Lunch and $10 game card: $30
Register ahead: https://co.clickandpledge.com/advanced/default.aspx?wid=29115
Donations to the SBCLP to help cover costs are welcome.

Original announcement can be found HERE.

EDIT: Mention of a congressional run was premature and has been removed. In discussion with the Libertarian Party of California, Tessa is still exploring her options and goals.

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