Red County’s hack editor prefers the carpetbagger Ackerman over the conservative Norby


Red-faced County Publisher Chip Hanlon is no fan of Steven Greenhut – or Chris Norby

Red County publisher Chip Hanlon launched another diatribe against columnist Steve Greenhut, in the wake of Greenhut’s recent and excellent column regarding the race between carpetbagger Linda Ackerman and Supervisor Chris Norby for the 72nd Assembly District.

Hanlon wrote a lot of stupid things but chief amongst them was this excerpt:

“because politics is a relationship business, we can also be pretty darned confident Norby won’t have any impact up there, either. Like most GOP members, Assembly Dems would give him a broom closet-sized office in the basement somewhere, and because of his “quirkiness,” as Greenhut harmlessly refers to it, few of his fellow Republicans would come down there to find him.”

I get it.  Norby leans Libertarian so he won’t be terribly popular with either the red-faced contingent of the Legislature or the blue guys.  So what?  We don’t need him to pass laws up there – we need him to go up there to fight waste, corruption and taxes.

What exactly would Linda Ackerman do in Sacramento?  We know from her record and that of her termed out husband Dick, that they support eminent domain abuse, redevelopment, pension spikes, etc.  Is that the agenda that the voters in the 72nd Assembly District want their legislator to pursue?  I truly doubt it.

Hanlon also has the nerve to dredge up the bogus harassment accusations against Norby that Ackerman has been screeching about.  This from a guy whose blog shilled for the pervy Mike Carona – and for Mike Duvall, before his open mic episode…

I know Greenhut won’t care what Hanlon has to say – nor will most folks.  Hanlon keeps bragging about his readership, but he won’t post his numbers.  What does that tell you?  Maybe they should acquire the fading Liberal OC blog…

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