Never mind the Democrats, the Tea Party revolt needs to target the GOP

John Lewis, Fleischman and Jerbal

These rats have ruined the OC GOP!

“While the energy of the anti-tax and anti-big government Tea Party movement may yet haunt Democrats in 2010, the first order of business appears to be remaking the Republican Party,” according to

How true that is!  Personally I think the GOP is irredeemable, but I understand that those still trapped within the Republican Party might want to change their party by tossing the bums out.

Will that happen here in Orange County?  I wish I could affirm that notion, but the OC GOP is firmly in the hands of creeps like Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, John Lewis, Jon Fleischman, Mike Schroeder, etc. 

Erick Erickson, founder and editor of the influential conservative blog RedState, has urged Tea Party activists to “put down the protest signs” and stage takeovers of local Republican parties.

“Grassroots activists need to start infiltrating the party,” said Erickson. “The only way to start getting [the establishment] back is to start pounding them with every fist we have.”

That is a nice sentiment, but just look at what is happening in the race to replace pervy Mike Duvall in the 72nd Assembly District.  Chris Norby is the favorite of the Tea Party movement, but he is being handled by the odious John Lewis, who is being assisted by Chris Jones and Matt Holder.

But Holder’s wife, Beth, is working on the Linda Hackerman campaign.  No bueno!

When Fleischman ran a post with Norby’s first mailer the other day, I noticed that the PDF file he posted included registration marks.  That means he got this proof from the designer or printer of the material – or from someone in the Norby camp.  But Fleischman did Norby no favors by posting the piece under a headline stating that Norby was “going negative.”  Actually, the mailer informed voters that Hackerman is a carpetbagger.  That is not “negative” – it is the damn truth!

Do you trust Lewis and company to manage Norby’s campaign even though Holder’s wife is working with the enemy?  And even though Lewis and company are pals with Jerbal and Fleischman?  I don’t – and neither should you.

What a mess.  All of these bums need to go.  But some of them are not only at the helm here in Orange County, they are also running the state GOP.  Fleischman, for example, actively takes sides in races, and blogs about it, but he is also the California Republican Party Vice Chair.  No bueno!

These guys have turned the GOP into a party of hatred – for minorities, gays, etc.   But their real goal is to enrich themselves and their buddies.  Why else is Jerbal running Mrs. Jerbal for Clerk-Recorder, even though a qualified Vietnamese Republican is also running for that seat?   They are killing the Republican Party – but getting rid of them will be a tall order indeed.

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