How much would you pay for a piece of Sarah Palin?


How much is Palin Charging in Speaking Fees?    Click the video clip and see.   Some people say she’s just in it for the money $$$$$$$. Would YOU pay to hear her at a speaking engagement?     BTW, she couldn’t actually make it to the event in Iowa.  Her excuse was her book tour.   Is her reputation more famous as a quitter or just a plain old no-show? 

Some of the comments following TYT’s clip are pretty funny.   Here’s a sample for you:

“I can see Russia from my broom”

Maybe they should just pay Tina Fey to do it for 20 000. It would probably be much more entertaining and coherent.

Palin…….. just pose nude for playboy already.

Palin’s like a chick with AIDS that won’t stop calling you back.

If Palin made money based on her intelligence, we could bail out the economy collecting on her debt.
i think levi is right about Palin is after the money………..
palin pumpkin

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