Call Your Representative NOW: Robust public option is about to fail in the House


Nancy Pelosi counted votes last night and has determined that she does NOT have enough votes in Congress to pass a robust public option.  More at the LINK.     I am going to make this REAL EASY for anyone who feels strongly about health care reform -either way- and who wants to have their voice heard on the issue.  It’s time to put our representatives on speed dial if we are ever going to get what it is that we want from them.   Here’s the easy  how-to:

  1. Please set aside 3 minutes per call. 
  2. Place one call to House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi202-225-0100 
  3. Place the second call to your local Congressional Representative  and ask to speak to them by using this number (202) 224-3121 .    Be prepared to tell the operator who your representative is, your zip code or your city/state. 
  4. Use this website to report who you spoke to, what was said and your position is on the issue:       LINK

If you are FOR a strong public option, demand a robust public health insurance option — something  76% of Americans want.       LINK     Let YOUR representative get used to hearing YOUR voice on the issues.    Operators are waiting!

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