Should we be surprised that the SAUSD is misusing Measure G bond money?


I opposed the SAUSD Measure G bond because it made no sense to give more of our tax money to a school district that is so completely corrupt and mismanaged.  And it made even less sense to increase our taxes during a time of economic malaise.

Sure enough, at the last SAUSD School Board meeting, the Trustees voted to reallocate some of the Measure G money to pay off reserves that were used for construction.

However, the money that was spent initially came from the El Toro settlement – which was supposed to be used for construction in the first place.

What this amounts to is a shell game, orchestrated by SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo and the SAUSD board majority – Rob Richardson, Audrey Noji and Jose Hernandez.

I spoke last night to a friend who worked on the Measure G campaign.  She feels betrayed. I just feel vindicated.  This is why I opposed Measure G – I am in no way surprised by any of this.

We have a chance to oust Noji next year.  However, typically we bungle these opportunities.  Last year the teacher’s union actually endorsed Richardson and Hernandez.  I wonder if they are now regretting that dumb move?

Hopefully we can get behind a good candidate to take out Noji and to get John Palacio reelected.  Palacio and board member Roman Reyna voted against this misuse of Measure G money.

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