Jon Fleischman and his red-faced pals line up behind Mrs. Jerbal’s Clerk-Recorder campaign


UPDATE: Jon Fleischman lied when he wrote that past Clerk-Recorder Gary Granville approved of Laura Cunningham as a candidate to replace him.  According to sources who were close to Granville, he was offended by the idea of the unqualified Cunningham running and he told Tom Fuentes he would not support her.  Instead, Granville ran again.  He later died in office and was replaced by career politician Tom Daly.

Nothing pleases former Mike Carona P.R. flack Jon Fleischman more than hacking for his red-faced pals.  With that in mind, Fleischman today gushed over the candidacy of his fellow political consultant, Laura “Mrs. Jerbal” Cunningham, who is running for O.C. Clerk-Recorder, over at his lame “Flash Report” blog.

Of course Fleischman got scooped on this story – by me, when I posted about this back on Sep. 22

All of Fleischman’s crooked pals are jumping on board Mrs. Jerbal’s campaigns.  He wrote that “Laura has already racked up some significant endorsements, such as OC Supervisors Bill Campbell and Pat Bates, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, former Supervisor and current Assemblyman Jim Silva, as well as a number of local elected officials. John Lewis and Matt Holder, who have run a number of successful county-wide races, have agreed to serve as her consultants.”

That would be the same John Lewis who got a bailiff, Mike Carona, elected to the post of Orange County Sheriff – even though Carona had ZERO experience in real crimefighting.  He was essentially a court security guard.  Similarly, Mrs. Jerbal is a political consultant.  She is NOT an administrator and she has no clue what goes on in the Clerk-Recorder’s office.  Her campaign is a complete farce!

Mrs. Jerbal

Is Mrs. Jerbal qualified to be our next Clerk-Recorder?

Why are all these Republicans so unwilling to get behind leading Republican candidate Hugh Nguyen?  He worked for previous Clerk-Recorder Gary Granville for 12 years.  After Granville died and career politician Tom Daly took over the Clerk-Recorder’s office, Nguyen was recruited to be the Assistant County Clerk.  Now he is ready to return to his old department and carry on the good work of Mr. Granville. 

So why not support Nguyen?  Why get behind the utterly unqualified Mrs. Jerbal?  It just makes me sick!

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