Is Republican Michelle Steel openly supporting Democrat Sukhee Kang?

Michelle Steel hangs out with Democrats

Do you recognize any high profile Republican in this picture with Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang?  Look closer.  Yep – that’s Michelle Steel, the Republican member of the State Board of Equalization who is married to former CRP Chairman Shawn Steel.

This picture has been printed in 3 major Korean newspapers, according to one of our pajaritos.  Apparently Steel was asked by the media photographer and reporter to take the picture, and according to the article “ Michelle Steel upon the request by the attendees took the picture with Mayor Kang without any hesitation and with a smile,” said the reporter..

The Los Angeles Korea Daily reported that Michelle Steel was the keynote speaker at this event and that she told the guests “We MUST help Mayor Kang for his RE-Election.”

I am told that the picture has been printed in 3 major newspapers.   The photo shows Mayor Kang and Michelle Park and other supporters shouting “Yes We Can” with BIG Smiles standing in front of the Banner”Sukhee Kang, for Mayor 2010”.

A reporter at the LA Korea Daily wrote “Michelle Steel came as a guest keynote speaker and added strength to the fundraiser event for Mayor Sukhee Kang.”

The Korea Times Reports that the Fundraiser Party took place at the house of Byung Chul Park, the CEO of Everest, on September 21, 2009 at 6:30 PM. About 100 guests attended the event including Byung Chul Park, Jin Jung…etc.

The same article stated that Steel also asked the attendees to give campaign funds and added “Regardless of the party you belong to, he is a Korean who will work for community.”

Isn’t that interesting?  When Latinos say stuff like that they are accused of being racist…

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